Solving the Problems
of Cancer Pain

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Cancer pain is a problem for many people. Fortunately, it can be well controlled in most patients. Solving the Problems of Cancer Pain is an interactive site designed to help find solutions that work best for the those dealing with cancer pain. This site is not an electronic textbook about cancer pain management. There are numerous other sites, computer programs, and books on cancer pain, which provide factual information, rather than teach problem-solving methods. While we provide expert information, the focus of this site is to help you to learn how to problem-solve common cancer pain problems. Using this systematic approach, you can learn to find essential resources, accurate information, and the right people to help manage pain.

We will present a list of problems that people with cancer pain often face. Many potential solutions to these problems are provided for you to consider. We will also provide feedback as to which solutions are likely to be worth pursuing, by rating them as one of the following:

A GREAT idea enables your active participation in directly solving your problem.
A GOOD idea draws on other resources to help you solve your problem.
A BAD idea may solve your problem, but will result in negative consequences.

Ultimately, you will have to decide which solutions work best for you.


To begin using Solving the Problems of Cancer Pain, click on “Start Program” here or at the top of this page. Read down the list of possible problems, and click on one you would like to explore. The next screen will focus on the problem you have chosen by listing a series of possible options. Click the checkboxes of the options you think may solve the problem. You will then be given feedback and a brief discussion of your choice(s).When you are finished exploring the chosen problem, you can move on to another by going back to the “Problems” part of the program. At any point you can choose to print out the screen you are in (using the browser print command) to keep it as a reference for yourself..

We hope Solving the Problems of Cancer Pain is helpful to you. You may find that the general approach used in this program, which includes listing and rating a wide range of options, may be very helpful in dealing with other problems that you may face.

We would love to hear feedback from people who use this site.
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